Diesel Duck 41 "Evolution" 7/5/06

Her transom is a bit more vertical and this view shows the optional inboard rudder, but she's still definitely a DUCK.

Here's the Original 41's interior. I'd still use it here because it will fit fine and have even a bit more elbow room.

This shows you what the difference is between the two. It ain't much but the steel version of the EVO will float higher than the original, if that matters to you. Which is a better seaboat? I really don't know. Slocum's SPRAY was similar in that she had a full bow and stern and seemed to roll along evenly. Reports from people cruising DUCKS say she does the same.

We can "382" the 41 EVO but it involves moving the house a station forward and takes some out of both the fwd. and aft cabins. It's all a trade-off....


LOD: 41' 2"
LWL: 40' 3"
Beam: 13' 6"
Draft at DWL: 4' 9"
Displ.: 48,539 lbs.
Power: 70 to 100 HP

 Projected speed/power requirements,
calm conditions

V/L_ Knots__ HP
1.1 .....6.89 ........ 9.2
2.0 .... 7.52 ...... 14.6
1.25 .. 7.83 ........19.5 3.0 ..... 8.14 ...... 26.5 1.35 ... 8.46 ...... 36.0

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