New 44 DUCK

NOMAD, Seahorse's 3rd and last Diesel Duck 44, hit the drink right side up this June 2003. Her topside finish is simply unbelievable as the photos with the reflections in them show. Keep in mind this is a steel boat! Jurgen (the owner) opted for forward slanting pilot house windows. It looks good! Since this boat Seahorse has consintrated on the 462 and the 362. However plenty of other places would like to build one!

   Serious bow thruster openings! Note the multiple zincs. This makes a lot of sense because strange marinas can have very strange currents in the water!

  Heading in.....

  She floats right side up! The trim will balance out once she's rigged and outfitted

   This is a harbor scene refelcted in the paint of the Seahorse 44 DUCK's steel hull. This photo also shows how incredibly "fair" the rub rail is. Thisreally is quite a photo.....


The launch is always exciting. We know she'll float right side up but still, it's always good to SEE her float right side up. Jurgen's 44 looks just great and I think he's going to have a great deal of fun with her....


   Here's the helm. Note the radar screen built into the dash. Marine electronics today aren't even recognizable when you compare them to the norm 30 years ago. And the prices have dropped unbelievably has the features increase. Today you can buy a radar for $800, and GPS for $100.

   Here she is at the Hong Kong Yacht Club, just about ready to head out. This is the third Seahorse built DUCK to leave China on her own bottom, something we're quite proud of.

Jurgten installed the sail system. It's not as large as designed but it will still do its job.

Winter 03-04 news note. Jurgen left Hong Kong and cruised to the Philippines. The passage was very rough, but the DUCK made it without any difficulties. Since then, they've done the Suez canal, ran the Red Sea gauntlet, and November 05 finds them in Turkey.

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