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462 (actually 49) Sedan

She has a pretty rugged looking profile which will be at home in out of the way ports! I don't like the fly bridge shown here but apparently other people do. I'm getting used to that. Doesn't mean I have to like it though!

We're all quite pleased with the 462 DUCK and grateful, as well as flattered for the tremendous interest people have expressed in her. But as fine as she is, not everybody wants such a gung-ho seaboat. The fact is that regardless of what the magazine ads say, NO one boat will do all things. Being no great hero, if I'm planning a boat for long voyages I want a boat actually DESIGNED for open water! Many being advertised as offshore boats look dangerous to me.
This boat is a very comfortable "sedan" idea based on the DUCK hull. We call her the 462 Sedan rather than DUCK sedan because, well, a DUCK is a DUCK. I realize we see Mercedes and BMW and Caddie and such selling SUVs under their own name but I think that is silly. The DUCK is a DUCK and a sedan ain't a DUCK. The 462 Sedan is a stand-alone concept in its own right and doesn't need to play on any DUCK stuff.
The idea is for a boat that is planned for coastal and recreational cruising. Sure, a DUCK is great for that too but this boat will be better at it because it has a roomier interior, more and bigger windows, and serious accommodations for two couples with the ability to sleep more up in the main cabin.

A requirement was that she actually be COMFORTABLE for western sized people to spend extended time on....

This view shows her with a typical deckhouse. There's also plans for having the main cabin extend out to the sheer making what's called a "wide body". This gives lots more room inside. It isn't as handy accessing a dock because the length of the raised house is pretty high off the water. But that isn't such an issue because of the easy transom access as well as the area beside the wheelhouse.

But "even" coasting is still often in open water so this boat is built for it. She has commercial grade windows and hatches, a single John Deere diesel with of course our "trademark" heavy steel hull, protected prop and rudder, a bow thruster, a 9 kW gen plant, and so on. See the list below!
While she is built up from the 462 hull her house and interior layout is a joint effort between several interested people who want her, and Bill Kimley at Seahorse. Bill is better at being "practical" than I am. Me, I get caught up in fantasy a bit much and have a hard time drawing something that doesn't fit right in to my rigid pipe dream of the day.... ! Like the 462, plans for this version are not for sale; she is only available as a complete boat from Seahorse.
For more info please write!

LOA: 49 feet
LWL: 46.76 feet
Beam: 14.9 feet
Draft: 5.5'
Displacement 55,000 pounds dry

Engine HP: 150 OR 120
Cruising Speed: 7-8
Max Speed: 9+

Fuel: 1000
Water: 200


Here's how I, with my typical complete lack of business savvy, would probably do it. The Seahorse version is much roomier.


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