Lee & Zehra's 47-Plus (50) Sedan Cruising Photos

Lee and Zehra have been cruising the Turkish and Greek coasts since they launched their boat. These photos have been enlarged from the original so aren't the clearest, but they give you a good idea of what she looks like.


 Stern tied to the quay in Rhodes, Greece

 Moored stern-too. Most boats in Europe carry boarding ramps as US style floating marinas are not common.

 Table and benches in cockpit

 Couch & table in the main cabin

 View from the main cabin up to the pilot house

 Good visibility from the helm

 Galley with house sized fridge.


 The main cabin roof was raised 12" above the original plan, allowing the sole (floor) to be 12" higher, which in turn makes the engine area below the floor easy to get around in. There isn't standing headroom but you don't have to crawl on your belly as is the case in some boats!

 Owner's cabin below pilot house.
 Lounge chairs on the main cabin roof! Note the teak deck.

 Anchored out at a resort beach

 Sunset and heading towards a new anchorage

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