Page 8; Building a 55' DUCK

I've been a bit slow in posting pictures which apologize for. Also, I finally broke down and got DSL so these files are going to be a bit larger. It seemed that my attempt to keep each page fast loading made it a pain in the behind because there were to many pages. I'll try to keep some sort of handle on page size though. I realize much of the world still has dial-up (The new words and jargon in this paragraph still amaze me......)


   Steel boats when built using long sheets like these are tend to be pretty "fair" naturally. However, this boat is getting a real yacht finish so time is spent doing really good surface fairing.

   More fairing......

   Looking pretty good even IF the photographer was a bit crooked......

   I like everything about this ship except for the rake to the fly-bridge. Apparently I'm the only one around who likes the vertical "in yo' face" traditional flybridge face. Oh well. The bottom line is, of course, that the owner likes it! Here she is on her sea trials.

She Floats Right Side Up (!) and was delivered to Seattle 10/05. This link will take you to

photos of her on a cruise to Pt. Townsend for final commissioning.

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