Ducks for Sale

This is a section for private owners or small custom shops who are selling their boat. I'm not listing boats for brokers, just passing on info that you'd have trouble finding on your own.

First is the original 41-Plus shown on this site. She's under a year old, is certified Class A by the EU so can be used anywhere and insured for any use. The owner decided he needs a larger boat for his family so is selling this one, then ordering a new 47-Plus sedan. The only issues I see on her that I would change is the galley; she has an electric cook top and I would replace that with a propane stove/oven. I'd also add handrails to the fwd. house roof. The boat is currently in Izmir, Turkey, and Kaya could easily do this work for you. The boat is for sale for $225,000 which is a savings of over $100,000 of the price for a new one. Gail won't let me sell our house or I'D buy it! Email me and I'll put you in contact with her owner.

 Bare DUCK Hulls Available In Wisconsin

John Schomburg, Superior Boats LLC, 715-392-3135, in Wisconsin has built two hulls he'd like to sell. As well as sell others! If you're willing to do some work yourself this is a good way to get into a new DUCK and save some money.

The first is a 42, modified from my drawings some.


She has a new Deere 4cyl turbo and Twin Disk gear with trolling valve installed. Set up for heat exchange and wet exhaust. I have the steering gear and heavy Globe Foundry hull port lights but have not purchased pilot house windows. Integral tanks installed for fuel and waste but non-integral tanks required for water. 1/2" keel bottom; 3/8" keel sides; 1/4" hull plates to rub rail; 3/16" plate above rub rail; 10 ga pilot house. Water proof bulkheads (2). Hull pressure tested to 3psi. CAD drawings available for a couple of alternate layouts.

There's also a 46 stretched to 48. John says he lowered the pilot house but it sure looks raised to me?

48': built on 46' lines with transom pulled aft 2'; full walk through hull; pilot house has been lowered 12" from earlier construction photo's with still generous headroom and could be lowered further if sole was lowered into engine room. Flush deck elevation is very close to that of original trunk cabin but designed for carrying tender forward while keeping aft deck open for living space and with great sight lines without flybridge. Pilot house is removable for trucking. Integral tanks installed for fuel, water and waste. Keel on 8x8" heavy beam with keel cooling circulation on each side of web. No engine installed but I have a fresh rebuilt Navy Gray Marine 6-71 with Twin Disk 509 3:1. No steering or other hardware installed. 3/8" box keel sides; 1/4" hull plate, 10 ga pilot house. Hull was sealed and pressure tested to 3 psi. Large hull windows designed for fixed glass with smaller windows for opening units that I have. I have CAD drawings of hull and proposed arrangement.

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