New photo 9/4/08

A not in order selection of photos....

The new 462 Seahorse DUCK Sedan.... Sailing!

Randall's 462 Launched 10/8/06. The Fly Bridge is a good touch.

Here's the original Duck, a 38 footer built by Millerick Bros. in Cotati, CA back in 1989. I think. I forget. This shot is from 2004 and shows her now as a happy family cruiser, still in the SF area. She's currently owned by Mark Dallman, who sent me the photo below!

HA! The Bubak Modification works! Mark says he's gonna try a bigger sail now.


Here's Seaductress all "pimped" out 5/06, waiting to be relaunched. She now has a high gloss paint job, a high tech looking mast to hold everything except the sails which were discarded (!), and various system improvements. The work was done by Townsend Bay Marine, Pt. Townsend, WA, who are buil the first 45-plus.

And here's how she looked when she single-handed from China to the US.

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