462 "Sedan" with Sailing Rig

This sail stuff really took me a while to get used to but now, I like it! I agree it looks a little awkward maybe, but it does work. The hul's extra windage is countered a lot by her deep underwater shape. Essentially this hull, without the house, isn't that much different from a working sail hull. For example, take a look at my GULNAR'E design (you can see at the Stock Plans section more at http://georgebuehler.com ). She's a very similar hull but worked up as a sailing ship.

Here's some photos of the first Sailing 462 Sedan.....

   Note the "lift gate" style ramp on the transom. She was stretched out to a more normal transom rather than given the "sugar scoop" stern of the 462.


Some bugs need to be worked out of this rig but this is a start!

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