2/7/2018 New Photos Building the Wood 49

12/12/17 Lauched photos of Building the 38 in Brazil


Stock Plans, Plans Prices, & Order Form

Marlane & Benno's 41, off Cape Horn

A "Stock Plan" is a set of building plans that is already drawn so is the least expensive way to get a set of plans. I offer quite a variety, so hopefully you'll find one of them is exactly what you want. Most people end up making some changes; for instance, the interior is almost ALWAYS changed to suit people's particular needs. That's fine; no reason not to.

If you think one of these boats is what you want but you want to see more, you can order Study Plans. These are printed from the actual building plans, are 24" x 36", and will consist of the profile and any versions, the interiors drawn so far, various construction details, and a sheet showing the top and side views with no interior which you can use to sketch in your own ideas. The study plan price (see order form) is refundable if you order the complete building plans within 30 days. If you can read AutoCad r.14 .dwg files I can send you study or building plans on CD, as well as email them to you. Please see the bottom half of this page for more information.

I'm willing to do redrawing on any of them but of course would need to charge you for it. In practice, you and the builder can usually work out most changes you want and I'm always happy to give my opinion if you'd like. Any consultation help I can give is part of the deal when you decide to build one of my designs.

While most people want steel construction, I also offer wood construction plans for most of my designs. If you're interested in wood boats, please click Wood Construction Details to see some details from the wood plans versions as well as a series of photos showing a wood 48 DUCK being built. Wood is out of favor in the general market but I'll always like wood boats. Wood simply isn't cost efficient to hire built; steel is far cheaper than good wood and much faster for a pro shop to work. But, the DUCKS in particular have hull forms that are very basic to build in wood and if you want to build the boat yourself and have some experience remodeling a house or similar, wood makes sense. The wood construction plans are all based on materials available in any good lumber yard. The larger designs use a "composite" hull which is a layer of common 1x4 (3/4" x 3 1/2") topped by several layers of plywood. It's labor intensive but very simple. Once you've built the hull, the interior and mechanical stuff is the same issue regardless. The composite hull when coated with glass cloth and epoxy is no different maintenance than a fiberglass hull, and unlike steel or glass, requires no insulation, and, is quiet inside. Wood makes a good boat!

I've certainly written enough about the "Diesel Duck" concept, but just let me say one last thing. The original 38 has always been the basis for the rest of the family; all of them start with her simple and rugged lines. The exact proportions change sometimes; the 48 is trimmer for her length than the smaller ones and the 55 SWAN is more in proportion to the 44 than the 48. But they're all DUCKS! By the way, the August 2004 issue of PASSAGEMAKER magazine did a very kind article about the Diesel Ducks!

Diesel Duck 34: I'm sure this will remain the smallest of the fleet. She was inspired by new laws in some new post Katrina Mississippi marinas that all boats must be under 35'. The marine industry ain't happy about that one! I didn't think 34' would work, but it does! She's a bit stocky of course but that's OK.

Diesel Duck 38: New LAUNCHED photos 12/12/17. Here's the original Diesel Duck. She was built in steel but wood and even aluminum versions have been launched too. If marina slip fees are an issue where you live, the 38 is worth considering. Follow the photos showing the building of a wood 38 in Brazil.

Seahorse Diesel Duck 382: This is the newest of the Seahorse semi-custom production DUCKS, "budget priced" by today's standards, and ideal for a couple. 6/26/06 I added a nice letter from a French film maker who ordered #3. His comments are interesting!



Diesel Duck 41: This version took the 38 and added 3 feet fwd. of the wheelhouse, making a big difference to the interior but adds little to the costs as the materials are almost identical and the outfitting including power and anchors are identical. 10/06: Letter from Benno and Marlene from Venezuela. 2/09 Benno & Marlene go around Cape Horn! New interior photos posted 2/15/2013

   To all you folks who don't believe my "Modified Dhow sail plan makes sense, read what Marlene & Benno say about it. They're actually out cruising you know..... Marlene and I are very happy with the DD 41 and her performance, even under sail alone : Between Martinique and St. Lucia a nice 15 knot breeze over the port quarter invited us to cut the engine, feather the CPP propeller and let the sails take over. The duck moved along with 4 knots having George's original design of 400 sq.ft. jib and main up. Not bad, isn't it? A nice get me home rig, not designed for winning a regatta, but a good stabilizer and extra speed to save fuel. Whenever we have the chance, the sails are up to smoothen the roll.

Wood 41 Diesel Duck added 2017. I decided to make a new (2017) of the 41. If there's any interest I can do the plans over in steel but for now, this is a simple wood boat ideal for home building. Follow first time builder Scot Smith's excellent blog as he builds his Sea Dreamer project.

Diesel Duck 41-"plus": Ideas from the 462 and the 45-plus went into this guy, making a very comfortable cruising boat for a couple. She lacks frills and is just a no-nonsense and low hassle little ship, although of course you can jazz her up! New building photos and 3 D drawings added 3/8/08 and 3/11/08/ New photos 8/13/08/

Diesel Duck 41plus-2: A 2015 fine tuned version of the successful 41-Plus.

Diesel Duck 44: This is the second DUCK, coming soon after the 38. Seahorse modified it some and built three, all of which have done long cruises. Here's both the original and the new versions. Here's a "walk-thru" video tour of the 44 DUCK, DESTINY, currently for sale in the Med.

Duck 44 "Italiano" is a rather exotic variation of the 44, worked up by Eugenio Martinoni and marketed by his company.

Diesel Duck 45-"plus": Blending the 44 EVOLUTION and the 462 gets us this guy, or Duck rather. The first of these was built by Townsend Bay Marine in Pt. Townsend, WA. If you click on the following link you can go for a Video Walk-Thru Tour!

Bodie welcoming you aboard the new 45-Plus!

Diesel Duck 46: This version looks a lot like the "Evolution" series but isn't. She was a preliminary for a guy who asked about the changes several years ago but then changed his mind. I liked her so went ahead and worked up several versions. It's odd that several years later the thoughts behind her would end up as the "evolution" ideas in the others. New 11/20/02 "sedan" sketches.

Seahorse Diesel Duck "46 2": A whole new slant on the Duck theme, and only available as a semi-custom production boat from Seahorse. She's got some modern touches but is still obviously a Duck!

Randal & Ruth still cruisin'!

Seahorse 462 (really 49) Sedan: (New interior photos added 8/2014) Based on the 462 DUCK hull, this coastal cruiser is a heavy duty sedan type a bit less gung-ho than her heritage but still plenty "game." Like the original 462, she is only available as a semi-custom finished boat, from Seahorse.

Diesel Duck 47-Plus: 7/5/17 new Photos added. A guy who really liked the 45-Plus wanted "just a little more room" and the result is this boat. That extra 24" doesn't seem like much but it gives us a bit more spacious wheelhouse.

Diesel Duck 47-Plus (actually 50') Sedan: New PHOTOS added 8/20/2013 Like the 462 sedan, this is a bit less gung-ho version of her very solid cousin.

Diesel Duck 48: The original and the "Evolution" model. She's a comfortable cruising boat. Be sure to visit the photos of building Harry & Vickie's Wooden 48.

2/09: Here's a note I got from Vickie Jan. 2009! "We want you to know how much we love the Vicki Lynn. We lived on her from April to November the last two seasons and we hate every minute of winter that keeps her on the hard. We enjoyed Lake Michigan last summer and planned on heading south in the fall, but once again a health problem got in the way We hope to leave Michigan this spring.
Everywhere we go, people love the Diesel Duck. We have met all kinds of folks who just come up and ask to see her. She is the boat of our dreams and we are always thankful for your wonderful design and the Backyard Boat Building book that got us started."
Shucks....... Since the financial rewards of this bidness ain't the greatest, I'm glad I discovered many years ago that it's the PEOPLE I get to meet through my designs that make it worth doing. That doesn't pay the bills but believe it or not, is actually more valuable. Once the wolves at the door are fed of course....

Diesel Duck WOOD 49: New photos added 12/19/16. A wood 472 with a "normal" transom.

Seahorse Diesel Duck 492: New in 2014, this boat takes the successful 462 and adds just a bit more space! Like the other Seahorse versions, this boat is only available as a finished yacht from Seahorse.

Diesel Duck 55: This is a substantial cruising home! Elsewhere on this site you can see photos of her being built. I can't believe how disorganized this site has become.... Click to see the 55 DUCK being built!

Diesel Duck 55-Plus: (revised 7/26/08) A slightly enlarged 55 with the "sugar scoop" (as somebody called it) transom that seems to be happening to all the new DUCKS. It makes sense, and doesn't look to bad when you get used to it. The transom, I mean. The DUCK itself is gorgeous of course! AND, a throw-back to our roots, there's a 59 Traditional based on the same hull, just with a "normal" transom" and of course, outside rudder!

George's Main Site: Here's where you'll find all of my OTHER cruising power designs as well as my sail designs. We spun this DUCK site off the main site because DUCK stuff was growing so rapidly! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE these boats! But I like the other stuff too! For instance, the 55' IDLEWILD successfully made it through the NW passage in '05 and then went on around the world. She finished her circumnavigation in Vancouver, BC., in the process setting the record for the longest non stop voyage ever done in a power yacht. You'll see her, and others, at George Buehler Yacht Design, our main site.

Plans Prices (July 2016) & Order Form

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Print & mail or fax, or e-mail the following info: Please note; These things are NOT refundable without prior agreement!

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Study Plans: _________________________________ Printed study plans, 24" x 36" sheets, are $100 on paper or $25 as an emailed .dwg file If you order them emailed you will get three different designs of your choice for $50.

Building Plans: _____________________________(Plan prices are written at the bottom of this page) BUILDING PLANS are mailed with FREE SHIPPING in North America. If you live outside the US it is simpler and probably cheaper for you to order them as an emailed .dwg file, and have them printed locally.


BUEHLER’S BACKYARD BOATBUILDING $34 ______ (FREE with all Building Plans). Add $6.00 Priority US postage. For orders outside the US please use a local bookstore or an online retailer. Note the book is available in E-Book format too from any of the big e-book retailers.

The TROLLER YACHT BOOK, 2nd Edition! Available either as an "ebook" or in print, from any of the internet book sellers as well as the publisher. It has its own web site with a lot of NW and troller stuff. Oh, there's also ordering info. Check out trolleryachts.com However if you want a SIGNED COPY(!) print copy,you can order it from me. $25 plus $6 priority mail in the US. Write if you want it shipped outside the US. However you'll likely do better with an online distributor or going through the publisher's web site.

HOW TO FIND WHERE YOU ARE FROM THE SUN $10.00 ______ ($1.00 postage in the US, $6.00 postage outside the US.)

GEORGE BUEHLER YACHT DESIGN CATALOG $12.50 ______ 2016 News Note. The US Navy is again teaching celestial. Turns out a low level nuke blast or a strong sun flare will cook GPS signals....

CRUISING ON LAND $10.95 _______ Free US postage. Please note we can't guarantee delivery outside the US unless you want to pay Global Express rates...

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Note! October 2014 the New Editon of my Backyard Boatbuilding Book hit the streets. It includes, among others, the building plans for the original wood versions of the Diesel Duck 38 and 48. BUT, if you buy the plans from me are: 1) you get 24" x 36" paper plans as well as a CD or emailed .dwg file of the plan, 2) any consultation help you might need, and 3) any details possibly not in the book as well as any new versions that might have been worked out. The plans in the book are certainly buildable! But I don’t get involved in any consultation unless I’ve sold them!

(Please forgive the sloppy look of this list. I use old Adobe PageMill 3 for web building, and my Win 7pro machine doesn't like making columns with it...)

 DIESEL DUCK 34..........................1,695 DIESELDUCK 38 ......................... 1,895 DIESELDUCK 41 ......................... 1,895 New WOOD DIESELDUCK 41 ..... 1,895
DIESEL DUCK 41-Plus ................ 2,595

DIESEL DUCK 41Plus-2 ............... 2595

DIESEL DUCK 44, all versions... .. 2,595
DIESEL DUCK 45-plus ….…….... 2,795
DIESEL DUCK 46 ........................ 2,795

DIESEL DUCK 47-PLUS ............. 2,995

DIESEL DUCK 49 ....................... 2,995

DIESEL DUCK 48 .......................1,895
DIESEL DUCK 55 ........................ 2,995
DIESEL DUCK 55-Plus ................ 3,595

Building Plans are available on AutoCad disk if builder has facilities to “read” it.

All Building Plans come with a free copy of BUEHLER’S BACKYARD BOATBUILDING.

All prices in US dollars. If ordering from outside the US please use either cash, a bank draft in US dollars or a credit card. Credit cards are the simplest way to send money out of your country and are NOT subject to bank “exchange” fees. US banks do not accept EC dollar checks, nor do they accept personal or postal checks from countries other than Canada.

Please note: Stock Plans are not refundable without prior agreement.

Don's 44 DUCK at the Hong Kong Yacht Club, shortly before cruising to Japan.

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Seaductress, The first Seahorse 44, soon after her 2 year single handed cruise from China, through the S. Pacific, and Alaska.

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