Posted 12/31/07

Page 18 of Building the 48' Wood DUCK: Finishing up the Outside

   The rail isn't done and the house isn't painted, but she still looks fine.

 Here's Kenny Kominski The Welder. Getting a guy to come down to the job isn't so easy these days. If you look at the couple photos that show the completed railing you'll see what a fine job he did. The rail looks perfectly "fair."

Stern Profile. I love the outboard rudder. I'd screw some ladder rungs to it.

As soon as the rig is on her she's about finished. I'm thinking the 48 should have two masts although the single will work fine! Harry & Vickie have done a wonderful job. They've created a heavy duty and comfortable ship that should take them wherever they want to go. Hey, I ain't impartial in this stuff!

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